HELPFUL HINTS on using this CALENDAR 1. On the top right hand corner of the calendar, there are 3 tabs: WEEK - MONTH - AGENDA.  2. The default view is MONTH. If you click on AGENDA, you will see a complete listing of the calendar day by day. You can then click on an individual day/event and it will give you more information pertaing to that day/event. 3. Next to the 3 tabs is a DOWN ARROW. You can click on this to bring up a TEAM LIST. From here you can turn ON/OFF specific teams that you want to view or those you DO NOT want to appear as you are viewing. (This is especially useful to managers when updating the calendar) 4. The calendar will default to its original settings once you leave the site.



- READ ME FIRST: 2014 Monument Soccer Club Registration Form Download Link -

After reading the above document, you can chose to sign up online, or fill out and mail in or bring in the registration form above.

* NOTE: Any sign ups after March 1st will considered Late and a $50 late fee will be added for any late registration