Day Camps

Professional Soccer Academy invites young soccer enthusiasts, ages 5-18, to be part of a challenging educational experience. The Academy offers an opportunity to learn and enjoy many aspects of the game of soccer in a competitive environment from a current professional player. Fundamentals as well as sophisticated techniques of soccer will be taught on a personalized individual level along with various forms of group instruction provided by Camp Director Bo Vuckovic and several other Vermont Voltage professional soccer players. Emphasis is placed on the development, improvement and refinement of basic playing skills.

Attention will be given to the instruction of good ball control habits and movement techniques in challenging drills and simulated match situations. Conditioning methods and training ethics are also stressed to prevent injuries and improve the young athlete's coordination and flexibility. Bo understands the needs of youth in soccer and stresses the development of a positive self-image, mental stimulation and a sense of respect and sportsmanship among players.

Check out the information on the soccer camps. Once you have reviewed the information, print out an application form, fill it out, and send it in to us. The camps are limited to 100 per session.

We Will Teach You:
Accuracy and power of shooting
Dribbling moves
Receiving and preparation Passing
Speed and agility clinics
Scoring Footwork 
Juggling Ball control

All boys and girls ages 5-18 are welcome to attend.

Vermont Voltage & Lady Voltage players will be instructors at all camps.

- Free soccer ball
- Soccer camp t-shirt
- Ticket to a Voltage game


Academy students are asked to arrive 15 minutes prior to the academy's posted beginning time so full activities can start promptly.
Water provided throughout the day, however students may bring their own drinks.
In case of rain, students should bring soft-soled shoes (tennis shoes, etc.) for indoor play. (black-soled shoes are not allowed indoors). 
Shin guards are required for all camps.

SPECIALTY GOALKEEPER TRAINING - Residential / Overnight Camps:

The Vermont Voltage Professional Soccer Academy at Vermont Technical College also offers the opportunity to receive training with the Vermont Voltage first team goal keepers.

Morning 9am - 11:30am; Individual Goalkeeper Session; Technical Activities – handling ball, footwork, body shape and stance, getting set and diving, punching, parrying, shot stopping. Distribution with hands and feet working on the physical, and psychological demands of being a goal keeper.

Afternoon 2pm - 4pm ; Tactical Activities – communication, moving on/off line, positional play, defending goal area, air balls, attacking crosses, 1v1 confrontations, directing defense, and starting attack.

Evening 7pm - 8:30pm; Game Situations, Scrimmages, Implementing and applying the days session to live matches. Keepers will continue to receive instruction and coaching from Voltage first team goal keepers as play continues.

Overnight Camps -



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