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E-mail's form campers!

"Thanks so much! They had a great time at camp!" Amy Gates

"I just wanted to thank you for another wonderful camp in Bethel. My son has been doing Voltage for three years and it is a great program. We are so fortunate to have you come to our little town.Thanks" Erica Penta

“Thank you! And he had a fantastic week!! We are looking forward to the July session :-)”

” Adam really enjoys VT Voltage camp, … Adam attended 2 weeks of your camp last year and loved it! “

“My soon to be 13 year old son Joseph did the Voltage camp last year and loved it!”

“Noah had an amazing time, and would like to attend next year for sure!”

"Hey Big Cheese, Camp was amazing and i didnt want to leave neither did katie, jaelyn, or lexi. We are trying to get people to do the pre season in Ti alot said they are going to but they havent signed up yet. But i was just wondering if during the preseason we were going to go to the game on august 6th since its during our practice that week. IM SO PUMPED FOR NEXT YEAR!! my mom already said i could go for the 2 week thing if you have it. =]
thanks, autumn

P.S.. Matt or Bo have to come to pre season haha."


"I love soccer Thanks a lot to all the coaches for a great week. I had so much fun learning new tricks and learning some new Canadian words like AH. I wish I could come back but I live in Penn State. You guys all rock and helped me a lot.

From, Christina O.

Age- 13

Grade 8th"

"Dear Bo, I had a wonderful time at camp. I attended the July 9-13 session and it was a ton of fun. I worked really hard and I am going to try and keep up the traning at home in my backyard. This was my second year going to the Voltage overnight, but about my fifth time going to the camp including day camp. I am looking forward to the day camp at East Montpelier. I havent really decided if I should do the day camp or the night time session, because I am going into high school this year as a freshman. I think I learned a lot this year, and I am very excited for tryouts on August 13! That is a month from today!

Thank you for everything,

Andrea Yacavoni"

"hi bo. i just wanted to let you know that i've had an amazing time at every overnight camp i've been to. i'm kind of sad that i'm too old for it now and i'm really going to miss all the coaches. it's weird how everyone can get to know each other so well in just one week. i've had so much fun at camp and i want to thank you for making that possible. ~liz smith"

"Hi, I just wanted to say that your "crew" did a phenomenal job building skills, confidence and yes.... sleep into my 7 year old daughter Madysen Buckley. She had a very busy schedule this past week w/ day camp but insisted that she went to soccer camp in Manchester and not once did she want to miss a day. She really enjoyed the coaches and we wanted to thank them for all their hard work in training, educating and encouraging my daughter to "reach for the sky". Thanks again and we look forward to next years camp coming back to our neighborhood.

Please give our special thanks to Mark & Amy for all their hard work.

Sincerely Kathy Buckley a.k.a Maddy's Mom."

"hey bo, it's maria from camp!! i loved your camp it was a ton of fun!! hillary and i broke the rule we both cryed! well i will see you on wendsday because i am going to the game GOOD LUCK!!!


"Hey there, it's Tanya Bashaw again! I just wanted to let you know that the camp was fabulous, so much so that I would have done the second week if it had not been full, even though I had NO energy left after the first. It seems that the dance was a good idea after all, as we all had a blast. We did look rediculous, but hey, that's half the fun. The lady Voltage involved in the camp were so inspiring. You guys are too, dont get me wrong, but Michelle and I really bonded with the girls. We missed both games last night, as I was working and Michelle had a game of her own, but I caught the news clip on it and it looked great for the ladies, after their last game lost 1-0. I really was bending over backwards trying to get there, but I just couldn't make it happen. We will most likely be coming to the ladies game on Wednesday, is that when you guys are going? let me know, that would be cool. We were also wondering if you had the e-mail or aol screan names of Amy or Jess, as we both would love to keep in touch and be informed of all games they are in, inside and outside of the voltage. Thanks a million, and hope to see you Wednesday!!!

Tanya Bashaw"

"Hi Bo, I loved your camp! It was really fun and we worked really hard. It wasn't one of those camps were you don't learn anything! I learned a ton. My friends and I (that went) would like to bring our whole team next year! Your camp was incredible

Caitlin Bliss"

"Hi, I want to congratulate you on a well run camp with instructors/coaches that really related well to the kids. We’ve done a number of different camps for many different sports and have found that the coaches make all the difference in the world. Your guys were wonderful! My son got a lot out of the camp and would definitely go again. Please come back to Bennington next year!"